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long ass survey for your pleasure [Mar. 6th, 2006|03:14 pm]
chris filled it out too, so go read his as well :)

1. Personal
2. Favorite...
3. Music
4. Sex (Yeah
you can't have an internet survey without sex questions)
5. Relationships
6. School
7. In the past 24 hours have you...
8. Have you ever...
9. ..VS..
10. Spontaneous Questions

Personal - 36 questions
1. Full name: amanda rose bush
2. Nicknames: manda,beer, pumpkin (haha), spicerack, and my mom calls me baby girl
3. Date of Birth: 1/8/84
4. Location: Baltimore, Md
5. Height: 5'7''
6. Hair Color/Eye Color: Blonde/Blue
7. Picture on the internet: (If so where): Myspace, LJ, FTJ, mandalicious.com (when its up),
8. E-Mail Address: snapplemodel@AOL.COM
.9. ICQ #: Wrong
10. AOL or Instant Messenger Name: snapplemodel
11. Yahoo Pager Name: snapplemodel
12. IRC nickname: wtf is IRC?
13. School you attend: ccbc essex when i feel like i need to attend school haha
14. Nationality: AMERICAN, but polish and german
15. Brothers/Sisters: i'll have a brother in law next april, does that count? so brad almost.
16. Pets: ook... two dogs, um alot of damn cats, a fish, two love birds, 6 canaries, 5 finches, 1 quail, and all the random

shit that lives in the pond
17. Who did you get this survey from: i stole it from my ex boyfriend like half of fifty years ago hahaha
18. Something nice to say about that person: thanks for the survey??
19. Shoe size: 9
20. Homepage URL: www.google.com
21. Computer chair, wheelie or not: my computer chair fell apart actually from banging on it hahahaha it just fell apart one

day into three peices lol
22. Netscape or Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer
23. Operating System:Windows Xp Pro
24. Best single word to describe yourself: me
25. Napster user name: shareaza
26. Where were you born: in a hospital
27. What time where you born: 5:24 am
28. Have you ever moved: from my room to the basement lol
29. If yes, then from where to where: ^^^
30. Is your hair long, short or in the middle: long now :)
31. Do you have a job: yes
32. If so, what do you do: i make more than you probably do so who cares what it is? ok so im a ssa at VS plus i have various

other jobs like pissing you off, compulsively checking lj & myspace, and other stuffs.
33. Did you or do you have braces: i did yes
34. Do you go to church: nope
35. What's your horoscope sign: capricorn
36. What are your parents' name's: alan and rose, but alan is dead.

Favorite... - 61 questions
1. Color: pink,
2. Day of the week: today
3. Food: wendys lol <--yes lol
4. Toothpaste: crest sparkle!! lol
5. Smell: pure seduction, hollister for him/her, secret 33, sweet craving
6. Time of day: um... mornings in the summer
7. Month of the year: freaking august
8. Season: summer
9. Ice Cream Flavor: cherry kinds, or black raspberry
10. Game: final fucking fantasy bitches... ok not really... ill take zoo tycoon for the win... lmao
11. Sport: football.. yep.
12. Thing to do: spend time with my wonderful fiance, hang out with my girlies, stare at the wall?
13. Place to go: gunpowder! <-ill second that
14. Drink (non alcoholic): water, iced tea, & twister juice...all with lots of ice
15. Drink (alcoholic): vodka lol umm bahama breezes and midiori sours
16. Soda: coke or dr pepper
17. Fruit Juice: twister
18. Quote: "we went from strangers to best friends to everything in between." :)
19. Website: myspace, lj
20. Soap: dove, vS garden products lol
21. Shampoo: garnier fructis
22. Brand of clothes: juicy couture lol
23. Place to buy CD's: who in the fuck still buys cd's
24. Store in the mall: sears? lol vs clearly
25. TV Station: disney
26. Piece to play as when playing Monopoly: The iron
27. Number: 8
28. Actor: ryan gosling. hanson haha
29. Actress: um the girl from the notebook
30. Movie: harry potter (yes assholes i like harry potter), eight below, almost famous
31. Flavor of Jell-O: lime
32. Fast food restaurant: wendys
33. Restaurant (non-fast food): chilis, bistro, el saltos!
34. Radio Station: um my ipod
35. Word: fuckkkkkkk
36. Letter: a
37. Number: 8
38. Time of the Month: i know what time isnt my favorite
39. Conditioner: fructis
40. Thing to do when you out with you friends: eat doughnuts, take long drives, buy megamillions tickets, go tanning, work

out , and um shop.
41. Thing to do when your alone: im usually not alone lol chris is always here, its fun :-)
42. Thing to do on the weekends: sit around my house or go out with my friends
43. Vacation: san francisco, florida
44. Place to go on vacation: ocean city, deep creek
45. Thing to do on vacation: swim, sleep
46. Food: chicken nuggets
47. Brand of shoes: nike or um steve madden or sketchers
48. Pair of shoes: any pair of my flip flops
49. Outfit: all of my clothes are fun lol im attached to my pink collection sweats mostly
50. Thing to sleep in: my underwear and chris' tshirts
51. Car: buggie!
52. Brand of peanut butter: chunky
53. Brand of butter: uhh parkay
54. Joke: its comming out? level 7, you have no libido. can i keep my fishtank at your house?
55. Flower: daisies
56. Tree: willow? lol who knows
57. Holiday: i really like christmas season
58. Scent: chris *sniff*
59. Perfume/Cologne: sweet craving, curve
60. Shape: i dont know
61. Cartoon: disney ones.

Music - 61 questions

What do you think about the following genres:
PS. Sorry in advance for all the techno categories *g*

A. Club music
1. House: gotta be in the mood
2. Eurodance: ^^
3. Garage: ^^
4. Deep House: ^^
5. Neo-Disco: ^^
6. Hard House: ^^
B. Techno/Trance ^^
7. Trance: ^^^
8. Goa: GOA uh yeah i love that uh ..right..
9. Hardtrance: ^^
10. Gabber/Hardcore: gabber sounds like someone who talks to much
11. Acid: umm?

C. Percussive Techno
12. Drum and Bass: ^^
13. Jungle: can i find wolverines?
14. Techstep: ^^
15. Hardstep: ^^
16. Breakbeat: ^^
17. Minimal: boring

D. Mainstream/Pop
18. Pop: fun
19. R&B: fun
20. Soul: sure
21. Teen-Pop: lol ok

E. Urban
22. Rap: good girls gotta get down with the gangstas
23. Hip-Hop: see above
24. R&B: this was up theree too ^^^^
25. Soul: oo soulful

F. Rock
26. Alternative: yes
27. Metal: yes
28. Classic Rock:no music died in the 80's
29. Grunge: wrong
30. Punk: the new stuff
31. Goth Rock: wow
32. Industrial: hmm
33. Ska: ska... yawn

G. Downtempo
34. Ambient: ...
35. Dream:...
36. Noise: ...

H. Non-specific
37. Classical: " it brings you back to life" lollll i like it
38. Tribal: wtf
39. Cultural: next time i have culture.. sure
40. Parody (Adam Sandler, etc): hahahha funny funny funny man
41. Disco: disco dancing
42. Blues: oo blues
43. Movie Scores: most are fun
44. Funk: have some fun with the funk
45. Jazz: jazzy
46. Porn Groove: boom chikcita
47. Country: save a horse ride a coowwwbooyyyyyy lol

I. Miscellaneous Music Questions
48. Who is your favorite music group right now: hanson duh
49. Favorite Song right now: clearly.. breaking free, from high school musical hahaha
50. Ever been to a concert: yes
51. If yes, how many: quite a few
52. What would be your dream live show to attend: been there done that
53. Are you musically inclined: haha me? no.
54. Do you think you can sing: nope.
55. Even if not, do you sing to yourself sometimes anyway: oh yeah
56. What is your favorite genre in music: almost all?
57. Do you play an instrument or sing: little guitar,
58. If yes, do you play/sing in a group or as an artist: not since FAA
59. What's your favorite CD that you own: one that i burned lol
60. Did you ever play an instrument or sing: yes i did
61. If so, then why and when was this: in school

Sex (Yeah you can't have an internet survey without sex questions) - 97 questions
1. What is your preference: i like boys, one in particular
2. Have you ever had sex: yes lol
3. How many partners have you had: 3
4. Favorite part of the sex you prefer: all of it
5. Ever, uh, measured someone's dick/schlong/pee pee/purple headed yogurt slinger/or whatever you want to call it: maybe lol
6. Do you like giving oral sex: yes but only to chris.
7. Do you like GETTING oral sex: yes now that i have someone who knows what the fuck he is doing down there
8. If yes, do you like it better than intercourse: no sex is better... chris has a nice penis. hah.
9. Guys AND Girls - Nipples - pleasure center or just kinda there: lol...touch em and find out??
10. Foreplay - "Good" or "Get to the point already": good
11. Ever used any kind of food when your getting down: massage oils from work that are flavored and some strawberry stuff

recently :)
12. Ever used toys: nah
13. Ever tried bondage: no
14. Ever gotten any marks or bruises from bondage/spanking: umm no
15. Have you ever masturbated: id be lying if i said no
16. If yes, do you do it regularly: nah, i have chris to do it for me.. dur
17. When's the last time you got some (sex or just other shit): tonight?
18. Was it good: ill let you know
19. Do you honestly think there is such a thing as bad sex: yes lol
20. If you answered yes, is this due to personal experience: yes but not with chris lol.
21. Guys - Do you prefer the areas to be shaved:
22. Girls - If he's going go down on you, do you prefer the face to be shaved: dont care
23. Who's got it worse when it comes to giving oral sex guys or girls: whoever doesnt know what they are doing has it worse
24. Why do you think that is: because i said so lol
25. What's the weirdest place you've messed around/screwed someone: bathroom floor? a broken ikea chair? the snow??
26. Ever said the wrong name at the wrong time: nah
27. What's the longest amount of time you've spend gettin on down: mmm a few hours
28. Favorite word for the male genitals: ppeeeenissss
29. Favorite word for the female genitals: vaginaaaa
30. Favorite term for oral sex on guys: head
31. Favorite term for oral sex on girls: eating out
32. Do you think there is anything that really increases your sex drive: chris, good smelling stuff, chocolate and

33. Do you ever watch porn: with chris on consumptionjunction haha
34. Ever watch it with your love muffin: rofl..yes
35. Did it put you in the mood: i dunno
36. If you answered yes to these questions, is your name Roy or Melissa: no lol
37. If your name IS Roy or Melissa, are you pissed: (sorry in advance :-):....
38. Ever shaved.. down there: yes
39. If yes.. didn't that shit ITCH!!: only if you get razor burn
40. Ever had any sexual "dysfunctions": no lol
41. Guys: Ever "gone for distance while spankin it":
42. Girls: Do you like facials: eww
43. Ever get any techniques from porno: nah
44. Whats your favorite position: me on top.
45. If you've only tried one position, don't you know that different positions make it more INTERESTING: yes
46. Ever gotten rugburn: uh huh
47. Showers - "just to get you clean" or "infinite possibilities": infinitie possibilites..
48. Ever had to go through a lengthy "clean-up" period: kinda lol
49. When was your first kiss: when i was 17 haha
50. First "little more than a kiss": 17.
51. First time you had sex: jan. 02
52. Girls - Did your first time hurt: eh.
53. Guys - Ever stretch someone out a little:
54. Condom or no condom: no condom is really good lolll but condom is safer so....haha yeah lol
55. Ever had a condom break: nope
56. Ever bust out the "glow in the darks": plan to lol
57. Black Lights - aphrodisiac or just raver goodness: raver goodnes..?
58. Depeche Mode - aphrodisiac or UK wankers: Uk Wankers...
59. Ever been asked to "hurry up":nope
60. Ever pass out cuz it was too much: possibly... chris is an animal in bed lol
61. Ever stain any clothes or furniture: lol nah
62. Do you find cars too confining for the activity: hmm the bmw looks like it has plenty of room.... so does the truck??
63. Ever heard La Tour's "People are Still Having Sex": nah
64. Ever had an STD: nope but George has the Syph
65. If yes, do you know who gave it to you:...
66. Ever given someone an STD: nah
67. Was your first time special: i thought it was at the time but looking back on it, and what i have to compare it to now...

then no it wasnt
68. Do you prefer to keep some clothes on, or get buck naked: buck naked!
69. What's the most number of times you've had sex in one day: oh god.. alot. lol chris and i.. well.. haha you dont wanna

70. Ever have to cover your mouth to keep from screaming: haha only so no one would hear us... and funny story...this guy i

know had to cover up his exs mouth cause she moaned like a man.. haha.
71. Ever have to bite something to keep from screaming: my own hand maybe? or my lip lol.
72. If yes, were the teeth marks nasty: lol
73. Ever play the "no hands" game: mmhmmm
74. What's the one thing you wish someone would do to you but never has or won't: i get all my fantasies fullfilled

thankyouverymuch im a fucking princess
75. Ever had someone walk in on you: no lol
76. Ever walked in on someone: sorta
77. Was it your parents: yeh
78. Is it hard to mess around in a MOVING car: road head is fun.
79. Do you know this from experience: maybe..
80. Have you ever fantasized about someone else while you were getting down with someone: haha no but i should have before i

met chris, it might of helped out.
81. Do you know what a rimjob is: yes
82. Ever rimmed:NO NO NO
83. Ever gotten Antiloop's "Start Rockin'" confused with "Start Fuckin'": nah
84. Are handcuffs fun: megs got fuzzy ones
85. Ever broke a set of handcuffs in the middle of it all: nope
86. Have you sustained any injuries because of sex: lol yes yes i have
87. Would you ever consider sex animalistic: sure...
88. Do you think cars are a good/convenient place to have sex: it could be fun
89. Do you think there is a difference between having sex and making love: yes a HUgE differance.
90. Do you feel that sex is better when your in love with someone: yes.. very much so.
91. Have you ever substituted heavy petting for sex itself: no
92. What's the highest number of times you've had sex or messed around with someone in the same day: me and chris are like

93. Ever had sex or petting that drew blood: kinda?
94. Ever pull a John Holmes, or had someone pull a John Holmes on you: no
95. Ever "miss" or had someone "miss": yes. ew.
96. Did you name your dick/tits: we named them last night at dennys actually.
97. If yes, what did you name it/them: haha you wish you knew... clearly its timon and pumbaa, and then donatello for chris

penis.. hahahahahahhhaha

Relationships- 36 questions
1. What's the longest relationship you have been in: 4 long fucking years
2. Are you currently in a relationship: yes
3. If you are then what's this persons name: chris
4. Are you in love with the person you are currently seeing: yes
5. If yes, have you told them this yet: yes
6. If no, then do you really care about them and do they know this: :-)
7. If your not in a relationship right now then do you wish you were:..
8. Do you have a crush: maybe
9. If yes, what's their name: christopherrrrrrrr
10. Have you ever been in a relationship where you loved that person: im in one now
11. Are you sure about that: yes
12. What's your definition of love: what i have right now :)
13. How many relationship's have you been in: enough.
14. How many times were you dumped: hmmm
15. How many times were you the dumpee: hahaha im a heartbreaker so ill just take credit for all of them if you want
16. Do you plan to get married: yes
17. If so, do you know who you are going to marry: i do.. seeing as how me and chris are engaged.
18. Do you have sex with the person you are currently dating or do you have a fuck friend: yes we do, its fun lol
19. If not, do you mess around alot with the person you are currently seeing or do you mess around with alot of people: we

mess around alot lol
20. Do you beleive in love at first sight: yes i do
21. Ever had a jealous ex: yes lol i have...
22. If yes, did they comeout and say it: yes
23. Ever liked someone else while you've been in a relationship: big shock, i liked chris since at least last feb. and i was

in a relationship at the time...& then the park incident with chris just made it worse ohhh scandolous.
24. Ever been rejected by someone because you two were already really good friends: i thought things with chris and i were

going to be difficult and i might get rejected but i didnt so it worked out.
25. Talk about your ex to a person you were going after: chris and i like to laugh lol
26. Ever told someone who liked you that you would rather stay friends and have them get pissed: yeah
27. Ever dated someone over the internet: hahahahahahahaha
28. Do you and your significant other have a song or more than one: kinda lol
29. If so, what is/are the song(s): im feeling you ? and we like to make out to far away lol and we're picking out wedding

30. What is the stupidest thing you've done to impress someone you liked: dazzle them with my hanson stories
31. Did it work: lol
32. Ever embarrassed yourself while trying to get someone to notice you: i fell off a curb. hah.
33. Ever forget you significant other's birthday: nah
34. If so, were they pissed: never happened
35. Ever liked a close friend: yes =X
36. Ever like the fact that you are/were single: i liked it for a while, but i love being with chris now

School- 21 questions
1. What elementary school did you go to: perry hall and seven oaks elementry
2. What middle school did/do you go to: loch raven academy
3. What high school did/do you go to: Perry Hall High
4. If your out of high school, what college do you go to: essex
5. Did you graduate from high school: yes
6. If not, then did you get your GED (good enough diploma): didnt need to?
7. If not, how long do you have till you graduate:...
8. Do you plan to graduate:college? yes
9. Do you plan to go to college if you aren't attending college right now: sure
10. Were you/are you popular, average or dorky: who cares
11. Who was your favorite teacher: um..none
12. What teacher did you hate the most: ms brown
13. Did/do you like the cafeteria food: ya i did
14. If not, did/do you bring your own lunch: nah
15. Did/do you like when you had to eat lunch: lol yes it was goooooooood
16. Did/do you like the people you sit with at lunch: lol yes or else i wouldnt have sat with them?
17. Did/do you get money for lunch: my mom gave it to me
18. Did/do you use it for lunch or for other purposes: both actually
19. Do you like going to school: not really
20. What's your favorite class: theatre, early childhood development
21. What's your least favorite class: history

In the last 24 hours, have you...- 34 questions
1. Hugged someone: yes
2. Kissed someone: yes
3. Fucked someone: maybe?
4. Showered: yes
5. Talked on the phone: yes
6. Listened to music: yes
7. Jumped on your bed: yes
8. Gotten in a hot tub: no..got in my jacuzzi bathtub tho
9. Gotten in a hot tub naked: like i said my jacuzzi bathtub
10. Gone swimming: in my bathtub rofl..
11. Gone skinny dipping: if in my bathtub counts
12. Drove a car: haha sure
13. Been in a car: yes
14. Watched TV: yes
15. Watched porn: nah
16. Watched porn while pleasuring yourself: no
17. Watched a movie: hmm no
18. Watched a movie naked: no
19. Played a video game: yes
20. Played a video game naked:no
21. Slept: yes
22. Slept naked:no
23. Ate:yes
24. Drank alcohol:no
25. Gotten drunk:no
26. Gotten high:no
27. Used any kind of drugs: my presciptions
28. Been constipated:no
29. Smoked a cigarette:no
30. Been to a hospital:nope
31. Been to a mental institution:no
32. Done a survey: this one
33. Committed a felony:no
34. Committed a misdemeanor: i might later

Have you ever... - 125 questions
1. Been happy: yes
2. Been sad: yes
3. Been on fire: hahah ayes
4. Been on vacation: yes
5. Been to school: yes lol
6. Chased a dog: yes
7. Been sought after when you had a significant other: yes
8. Been on a roller-coaster: uh huh
9. Thrown up on an amusement park ride: yes
10. Given a speech: yes
11. Been in front of a crowd: yes
12. Been drunk: yes
13. Been high: yes
14. Passed out from drunkenness/highness: yeah after i set my finger on fire
15. Thrown up from intoxicants: yes ew
16. Thrown up from intoxicants WITHOUT the aid of a toilet: hmm...into a trashcan
17. Skinny-dipped: kinda
18. Flashed/Mooned someone: yes, both
19. Flashed/Mooned oncoming cars or traffic: no
20. Been naked around someone without knowing there name: hahaha no...
21. Had a picture of you taken while you were asleep: yeah
22. Taken a picture of someone sleeping: babahaha yes =X
23. Made an ass of yourself while dancing: all the time..most white people do..
24. Accidentally grope someone while dancing: not by accident lol
25. Accidentally been groped while dancing: lol yesssss < looks at chris>
26. Tried to grope someone while dancing and make it look like an accident: rofl no
27. Been ice-skating: yes
28. Fallen down while ice-skating: yes
29. Been roller-skating/blading: yes yes
30. Fallen down while roller-skating/blading: uh huh
31. Made someone cry: yes :-(
32. Been dumped: hahaha eh?
33. Dumped someone: yes..
34. Broken any bones: my toes omg
35. Sprained anything: yes
36. Had a nickname you hated: yessss
37. Given someone a nickname they hated: haha yes
38. Filled out an internet survey: yes
39. Not liked the length of an internet survey: yesh
40. Had a song stuck in your head all day: oh yes
41. Written something for someone: hmm yes..
42. Been embarrassed: haha most of the time
43. Had someone pull your pants down in front of other people: lol yes unfortunatley
44. Pulled someone's pants down in front of other people: lol
45. Flipped off someone: yes
46. Flipped off someone who was driving: yes
47. Flipped off someone while you were driving: yes
48. Had someone who was driving flip you off: sure
49. Flipped off a teacher: yes
50. Been flipped off by a teacher: hahaha no
51. Had a good looking teacher: nah
52. Puked from laughing: no
53. Been teary eyed from laughing: yes
54. Shit yourself from laughing: no
55. Pissed yourself from laughing: lol yes PISS PANTS
56. Fell down from laughing: yes
57. Been told you were crazy: hahah all time time
58. Told someone there crazy: yes
59. Tickled someone: uh huh
60. Tickled someone till they peed: lol no
61. Ever peed yourself from being tickled: lol nah
62. Fallen out of tree: yes
63. Eaten fruit straight from the tree: yes
64. Eaten fruit straight from the tree and gotten sick/diarrhea: no
65. Had fruit from a tree fall on your head: hahaha yes
66. Carved your initials into a tree: hmm yeah just the other day actually
67. Humped a tree: lol on a dare yes
68. Made someone else fall out of a tree: no lol
69. Humped someone while they were falling out of a tree: hmm..not that i recall
70. Traveled out of the country: noo
71. Had that dream where you went to school naked: nah
72. Done a cartwheel in public for no reason whatsoever: haha yes
73. Been way to hyper for your own good: yeah
74. Wore a straight jacket: no no no
75. Snorted sugar through a straw: do pixie stix count?
76. Snorted salt through a straw (If yes, then "haha dumbass!"): no
77. Laughed at old people:yeah =X
78. Laughed at an old person when they fell down: hahaha on tv
79. Lied about your age:no
80. Used a fake id for cigarettes or liquor: nah
81. Used a fake id to get into a club: nah im old enough
82. Used a fake id to buy porn: no
83. Gotten kicked out of the mall: no
84. Touched something that's clearly marked "Do Not Touch": uh huh
85. Done something just to make people think you're cool: probably
86. Committed a felony: hmm no
87. Committed a misdemeanor: yeah oral sex is illegal in MD lol
88. Been blindfolded: yea
89. Made an internet survey: yeah with someone.. i dunno who
90. Been to a mental institution: no
91. Eaten candy that fell the floor: hahaha 5 second rule
92. Been arrested: no
93. Had to spend a night in jail: nah
94. Ridden a horse: yep
95. Ridden any other livestock or farm animals: yes lol
96. Had an itch you just couldn't reach: yeah
97. Looked like an ass trying to scratch an itch you couldn't reach in public: yes
98. Done someone else's laundry: yeah
99. Done your own laundry: yeah..
100. Used ketchup to write a word on something: yes
101. Finger painted: yes
102. Been the one stuck sleeping in the wet spot: lol
103. Made anyone else sleep in the wet spot: haha
104. Been the one who MADE the wet spot: hahahaha
105. Slept naked: yesh
106. Farted in your sleep: haha yes
107. Noticed anyone else fart in their sleep: haha yes
108. Been paranoid: yeah
109. Tore the tag off a mattress that clearly states "do not remove": yes
110. Snuck out: yeah
111. Snuck out and got caught: no
112. Pierced something yourself: n o
113. Done any type of self mutilazation: ...
114. Eaten sushi (eating it off of people is considered erotic): yes
115. Eaten something on a dare: no
116. Showered with your clothes on: hahaha yea
117. Been in a car accident: yeah
118. Been in a car accident that was your fault: no
119. Driven before you were legally allowed to: yes
120. Smoked a cigarette: no gross
121. Hooked from school or a class or two: maybee
122. Been to camp:yesss
123. Not take a shower in a week: nooooo
124. Said "I Love You" and meant it: yes
125. Said "I Love You" and not meant it: yep.

..VS.. - 51 questions
1. Boxers VS Briefs: boxers
2. Hot VS Cold: hot
3. Night VS Day: night
4. Leather VS Lace: lace
5. Blue VS Red: hmm Blue then Red
6. Marvel VS Capcom: ..marvel
7. Boys VS Girls: girls lol
8. Summer VS Winter: winter cause of sessy snow hats
9. Spring VS Fall: fall..
10. Cookies VS Milk: cookies
11. Dogs VS Cats: dogs
12. Import Cars VS Domestic Cars: whatever
13. Children VS Old People: children
14. Drag Racing VS Touring: touring
15. N*Sync VS Backstreet Boys: niether
16. Nintendo 64 VS Playstation: 64
17. Young VS Old: Young
18. Innocent VS Experienced: experienced
19. Sluts VS Respectably Easy: sluts
20. Greddy Exhuasts VS Borla Exhausts: uh right
21. 2-door vs 4-door: 2 door
22. High School VS College: high school
23. PCs vs Mac: PCs
24. Inground Pool VS Aboveground Pool: in ground
25. High Dive VS Low Dive: high dive
26. Beer VS Liquor: liquor
27. Cotton VS Polyester: cotton
28. Sunrise VS Sunset: sunset
29. Indoor VS Outdoor: outdoor
30. Bath VS Shower: shower
31. Tastes Great VS Less Filling: tastes great
32. Color VS Monochrome: color
33. 1/2 Full VS 1/2 Empty: 1/2 full
34. Salt VS Pepper: salt
35. Jelly VS Jam: jam
36. Smooth peanut butter VS crunchy peanut butter: crunchy
37. Pac-man VS Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man
38. Coke VS Pepsi: Coke
39. Sprite VS Mountain dew: mt dew
40. McDonalds VS Burger King: McDoanlds
41. Tea VS Coffee: Tea
42. Sweet VS Sour: Sweet
43. With ice VS Without ice: Ice
44. Rain VS Snow: Snow
45. Regular milk VS Chocolate milk: Chocolate Milk
46. Pager VS Cell Phone: .Cell Phone
47. Lights on VS Lights off: lights off
48. Regular bed VS Waterbed: regular
49. Ocean VS Pool: ocean
50. Pool VS Spa/Hottub: hotttub
51. Beach VS Mountains: beach

Spontaneous Questions- 110 questions
1. Pool: Do you jump in or do you get in slowly (like a wimp): jump in!!
2. Do you know what the yeah is: sure
3. Is this the longest survey you've ever done: most likely
4. Do you think this survey was long enough: sure
5. Don't you think I'm nosey: sure
6. Do you know me (personally, the one who made the survey): umm yes i do
7. Aren't you sick of all these questions: not really
8. Don't you wish I would just stop with them: no
9. Do/did you smoke: not a chance
10. If so, What kind of cigarettes do/did you smoke: nonee
11. Do you like milk in your cereal: yes
12. Do you even like cereal: yeah
13. Do you even like milk: yes
14. Do you wish you were just like me: no cause i dont like you much
15. What do you want to be when you grow up/ or what do you do if you are grown up: a mom :)
16. Do you like pizza: yes
17. What do you like on your pizza: cheese
18. Are you one of those just sauce and dough people: yeah if you add cheese
19. Do you like butter on your bread: yeah
20. Do you use alot of salt on your food even though there is enough salt already in your food: yeah
21. Do you like cheese: yes
22. Do you only like certain kinds of cheese: yes
23. Are you sure about that: yes
24. Do you believe in lamp shades: yeah i supose so
25. Do you like the smell of rain: yeah..
26. Girls: Do you wear guy's clothing: i have
27. Guys: Do you wear girl's clothing: i would hope not
28. Do you hear voices in your head: no lol
29. If yes, do you wish they would stop telling you to do bad stuff: haha
30. How many TV's do you have in your house: 5
31. How many phone's do you have in your house: cell phones
32. Who is/are your best friend(s): chris suzie meghan chrissy brittany aubrie
33. Do you like Bath and Body Works: yes
34. What do you have pierced: my belly button, and my ears
35. What do you want pierced: nothing else
36. Do you have a tattoo or want one: yes i do.
37. If so, what and where: cherries on my foot, music notes coming soon.
38. Do you have a pool: pool club yes
39. Do you have a spa/hot tub: i have a jacuzzi
40. Do you play video games regularly: yeah
41. Are they your life: nah..
42. Are you a morning, late night, afternoon or evening person: late night
43. Do you cuss alot: yeah..sometimes
44. What's your favorite cuss word: fuck
45. How many rooms are there in your house:10
46. What's your favorite room in your house: the basement with my hot hot fiance in it lol
47. What's your least favorite room in your house: um the laundry room??
48. What's your least favorite holiday: martin luther king day
49. What color is your tooth brush: pink or clear with a lego man in it
50. What kinda of car do you have or do you want: ive got a truck actually. dodge ram whooooooshhhhhh
51. What color is it or is it going to be: black
52. What are you wearing right now: ummm underwear and a shirt
53. Are you smart or are you stupid: smart
54. Who was the last person you called: meghan
55. Who was the last person that called you: my mom
56. Who are you talking to online right now: suzie
57. What kind of mood are you in right now: good
58. What time is it: 3:08
59. What did you or are you going to do today: clean, see suzie... go to chilis??
60. What code do you use in people's pagers when you page them: who the fuck uses pagers anymore.
61. How many people are on your buddy list: 126
62. When are you online: all the time basically
63. What kinda of online service do you have: comcast and AOL
64. How many pillows do you have: i think 9.
65. When was the last time you cried: the other day i think
66. What do you have in your room: a couch, loveseat, chair, desk, bed, pellet stove, entertainment center, clothes, shoes,

and lots of stuff
67. What color are your rooms' wall's: redish?
68. What's your deepest, darkest secret: my boyfriend has ...?? :) megs knows!
69. Do you shave: yes
70. If yes, then where: everything i girl should
71. If no, then why don't you: ...
72. Are you ticklish: haha yes
73. If yes, where: you should know ;-)
74. Do freaky people scare you: sometimes
75. If not, are you a freaky person: haha no
76. Is Pac-Man cool: yes
77. Do you like MTV: yeah
78. Why or why not: its fun?
79. Do you speak any other languages other that English: yeah
80. If yes, what other language do you speak: spanish.. i took it in school but i suck at it
81. Is Elvis really dead: sure
82. Is 2pac really dead: sure
83. Do you like pictures take of you: sure lol
84. What's your favorite color M&M:red
85. Does each color have a different flavor: uh no not really
86. Can you eat sour candy with out making a face: yeah
87. Do you like pixy sticks: oo yes and its spelled pixie stixs
88. Do you put them in surge to make yourself even more hyper: no lol do they make surge anymore?
89. Can you tie your shoes or do you have velcro ones: i tie my shoes
90. Have you ever tried to become a vegetarian: yes
91. Are you one now: no but i dont eat red meat
92. If yes, why: cause i dont like red meat
93. Who do you tell everything to: chris, suzie, megs
94. Can you say the alphabet backwards: if i tried hard enough
95. Do you like to wear socks: yes i do
96. Do you own all white socks or do you own ones with designs on them: both
97. Can you write with the opposite hand that you write with: yes
98. Was that question confusing for you: no
99. What's your birthstone color: red, its a garney
100. How many fingers do you have: 8
101. How many toes do you have: 10
102. How many thumb do you have: 2
103. How long of a shower do you take: like 20 min
104. How many times a day do you shower: 1- 2 times
105. When do you shower (in the morning, in the afternoon or at night): morning or night lol
106. Are you ready to kill the person who sent this to you: nah
107. By the way, who is the person who sent this to you: myself, it was saved on my harddrive
108. Do you want to beat them for sending you this long ass thing: lol no
109. Do you consider cheerleading a sport: when cheering for a sport no. when competing yes

110. Do you love me? i love chris :)
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2006|11:24 am]
work was fun yesterday with megs. there was an amusing arguement with tony and nancy. haha.
i bought some lovely wedding books at barnes and noble. its getting really exciting planning it already.

i love my fiance. yeeeepppp, he makes me really happy.

um im going to work... so thats your random update.
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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2006|09:19 pm]


And let's discuss how amazing Chris is for proposing on this beautiful peir on the water in Havre de Grace, and how absolutley stunning my ring is. Princess cut, FIVE diamonds. As soon as I can take a picture of it that does it justice, I will post it. Ahhh, I'm so happy, I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with him, and I can't wait. <3

edit: heres a pic of my ring... i stole the pic off a website since my sidekick doesnt want to take cute pics of it.

Image hosting by Photobucket
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2006|11:00 pm]
So, I had a really great birthday. Being 22 isn't as bad as I thought it would be... although I am a little sad I have no more cool birthdays left until like 30 or something. But that's ok. Plus Chrissy's 21st birthday is coming so I can still party for that! Back to my birthday, since Ive been sick as anything for the past two weeks, I stayed in. BUT that didn't stop it from being a really fun day. First, Suzie stopped over and gave me a cool roulette drinking game and a book with 50 differents shots in it. Then Chrissy came over, and she got me a really really cool black satin and furr trimmed bench for my room. It wants to be a sex bench.. Megs and I pretended to have sex on it later in the night... it would so work. BUT we don't want to break it. Chrissy also got me some hot shotglasses, some playboy chocolate and a bear from the trees at work.  Chris had given me my presents the night before ... LOVELY flowers and a card and candy. YAY. THAT MAKES TWICE I've gotten flowers and no one had to fuck up to get them... thats FOR THE WIN! (WTF?!?!?! lmao) We played some Disney Scene It for awhile until Chrissy had to go home to eat dinner and Suzie had to get home to check on her dog. Chrissy came back after dinner, and so did Megs... Megs got me the corset bag from work that I kind of demanded... hah and some cute cherry flip flops. She also gave me some hot pink curtains they took from work that they were going to throw out. Tony came over too and made me a fancy card on some paper. Griffin came over and got me a HUGE stuffed dog, a bag of balloons, and some NyQuil. And Ozzie and Robyn even stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday. It was a fun night. We watched my shows (Desperate Housewives & Greys Anatomy), and then just all hung out. Rob made an appearance later in the evening as well, and came bearing a lovely birthday hug. Aww. I felt really loved this birthday, it was nice. :)

Then today, I had a completely amazing day with my boyfriend. We took a hike through the gunpowder and walked about twoFOUR (I was corrected) miles. Looked at nature... walked in the mud... I climbed some rocks. It was very romantic actually. I've never had that before... it was... just.. so nice. We just walked and talked and enjoyed each others company. I swear I can talk to him for HOURS about everything and anything. I fall more and more in love with him everytime I look at him. (And yes, I realize this entry is making you all nauseated, so I'll move on...) Then, we went food shopping and I cooked a really yummy chicken dinner with some pasta on the side. Then we hung out for awhile together in my room ;). Randomly, we decided to take a trip to walmart to buy some stuffs... and we hit up food lion and I got some popsicles. (I've already eaten two.. haha.) And now, we plan to cuddle up and watch a  movie for the rest of the evening.

And now I am sending Chrissy some files online, and talking to Chris V from Sears... haha. I guess he doesn't believe in banging for long periods of time... hmm... I need to talk some sense into that boy... hahaha xoxoxxo
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2005|12:23 am]
So, I watched the boys play football today at the high school. And I even played for a bit at the end! I went to see Chris play, of course. But alot of the sears boys (& ex sears boys) were there... and some kids from highschool.. then griff and jeff. It was way fun.... here's the pics...ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?Collapse )

I had a blast! Hopefully, they will get to play again so I can go watch and/or play again. :)
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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2005|11:51 am]
This is a public post so everyone can save and do whatever with the pictures.

These lovely pictures are from my halloween party! They look a little washed out cause fucking CVS doesn't know how to make a picture cd correctly. And since I don't have a scanner, I had to get a picture cd, so you're stuck with em like this. Anyone who wants copies of the originals (which are way brighter and more colorful), let me know which ones and I'll get you copies.
These are from the first disposable camera's worth. (I still have a second that I have to finish the film on then I can get developed)
My PicturesCollapse )

These are Roy's pics from his digital. If you want copies of these, Ill probably order some from snapfish or shutterfly, so again let me know which ones and I'll do a mass order to save on shipping.
Roy's PicturesCollapse )

And when Suzie gets hers developed I shall add hers too. :)

I'm off to work now, so I'll add captions later. xoxo
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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2005|02:07 am]
Major friends cut coming. I was planning to keep the follow people, but if you wish to be removed say so. And If your name isnt on here and you want to stay, let me know.

amberrenee, amourxseduisant, anjarae, ekh, frecklejuice17, i3roken_angel, icehockeyangel, illbeyourlight, kidvicious1, kiino, limabeanbug, lovethebrians, lovetheduckie, lushieaciid, mispelled_, otakugeekboy, paper_tears, pjdinks, potterpuffs, vickysk8s, zacbop
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2005|12:44 am]
Anyone interested in a One Tree Hill or Simple Plan Promo poster?
check them out...Collapse )
I also have a coheed & cambria one, and a nick chioce awards one. If anyone is interested in those, ill type up info on them as well.
Make me an offer. Most likely $3.50 shipping. I'll sell them pretty cheap, I got them from a record store in Ocean City. If I don't get a response here, I shall ebay the suckers.
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2005|12:07 am]
love xoxo
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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2005|07:35 pm]
.......its my birthday!
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