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She’ll play your heart with her tender lips...

and it's alright, yeah its alright.

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made by me

I'm Amanda
I'm twenty-two years old.
I'm engaged.
I'm addicted to myspace.
I have amazing friends.
I work at Victoria's Secret. I love my job, and love the girls I work with even more.
My job means more to me than it should, and I spend so much time there, it'll make you wanna puke.
I have an obession with Victoria's Secret stuff. [Mainly, Very Sexy Convertibles & PINK Collection Sleepwear that I wear as everyday clothes.]
My cell phone is a sidekick 2. It's basically attached to me at all times. Yes, I am obessed with it. I'm not scared to admit that.
I read people's LJs like its my fucking job. Same with people's myspace profiles.
I have no libido, I'm not affectionate, and CERTAINLY am not lovable. Just ask my boyfriend. *rolls eyes.* Hahahahaha
I spread FACTS. Not rumors.
Only the crazy 207 girls will get that...
I am on top of all the latest VS gossip. I always find out whats going on, and have the story behind it.
& if you wanna know more, add me. most fo my entries are friends only, but not all.

&&my love

&& my friends




"What you have is something most people never have, passion for something."

if you will be my [[rock star]]
i will be your [[biggest fan]]

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